Darlings! Welcome to my new site! 13

Hello Everyone!

I’m in the process of recreating my focus, so pardon the dust as we rebuild and renovate! The cool thing is you’ll be able to watch us as we create new content. I’m in Phoenix mode! Rebirthing from the ashes!

Phoenix from Ashes

Some things to come:

  • More blog and vlog posts! On every topic I find interesting. It will be random and dangerously fun!
  • Community! We’ll have a place for you to network, post photos and chat amongst yourselves. I will be chiming in as well as my celebrity friends and visiting experts!
  • Interaction! I want to be able to hear from you. What would you like to see from me and share with me?
  • Podcasts! I have no idea how to do this yet, but I’m determined.
  • Downloadable free stuff!
  • Links to cool sites, useful information and things I find interesting.
  • Stuff that makes me laugh really hard.
  • Inspiration!

I’m looking for positive support, energizing ideas, and loving connections. If you are too, keep coming back!




Random Boxes of Awesomness


blue dragon

“I’m thrilled! What a thoughtful assortment of goodies!!”
“The Skype chat alone was worth the price!”
“Was really fabulous all in all and loved going through it! ”
“I really liked the box and will enjoy going through its contents for quite a while! But the best part was actually getting to talk to you and can tell this was a box for me :)”

Some of the lovely comments from people who have gotten a Random Box of Awesomeness. The more I make, the more I find! What is an RBA, you ask? I have so much wonderful stuff from all my years working in TV and movies. I have saved EVERYTHING! “My TREASURES” ( say in a Gollum voice). I am at a point in my life where I will move in the next 2 years and I am going through all my things.
I’m finding new homes for my treasures. What to do? What I want to do is see these things go to people who would enjoy having them. Someone who would love to see the real thing. Maybe you are the one?

I have been offering them to the people on the newsletter list. Now I can see I have enough for a few more. I put that in the latest newsletter ( are you getting the newsletter?) and still have some RABs available.

This next offering will contain my book Pleasure Thresholds!

Other things the RBA MAY contain! Some of these things and much more…

  • RARE! TNT Promo Cards – Could be Delenn, Sheridan, Lennier, Londo, Lyta, Vir, Lockley
  • RARE! Babylon 5 Model Starfury MK1  Kit
  • Patricia’s actor card- autographed- never sold before
  • Lyta Alexander doll- autographed
  • Crusade Writer’s Bible ( copied)
  • B5 Script- “The Coming Of Shadows” #209 Pat’s personal script, copied, autographed by Rick, Mira, Andreas, Peter, Jerry, JMS, Claudia and Bruce ( copied, not original signatures)
  • Other scripts
  • Books
  • DVDs, CDs
  • TV Guide with B5 on the cover
  • Autographed photos
  • Call sheets
  • T-Shirts
  • Just all kinds of random memorabilia!!!!
  • AND! A 15 minute chat with me via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Price: $199 plus shipping
I can ship to the UK, Europe and Australia.
Very Limited! Email me atpattallmannewsletter@gmail.com if you want one. I’ll send an invoice.